cPanel Account Upgradation to minimum 5GB Plan

 Friday, January 14, 2022

Hi, You know that cPanel has raised the price several times in the last few years and again this month this year. In keeping with them, we have made new plans and fixed the prices.

But we have not increased the price for those of you who are old clients. But this time we have to take a step that is the current minimum plan for those who are using any plan below 5 GB.

We will upgrade to 5 GB for free and renew according to the current price of the new 5 GB. 5 GB of cPanel is priced at $24 yearly. On the other hand, the new panel CWP Pro we have brought is priced at 5 GB.

$18 Yearly. Now if anyone wants to stay within a little less cost, you can migrate to cPanel to CWP Pro for free by contacting us live chat, tickets or any other way. Any questions from anyone

If there is a request to contact us. We wish all of your cooperation. Thanks.