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24th Oct 2022

cPanel Server Migration

We are very happy to inform you that we recently migrate our cPanel server to a new & better one at 24.10.2022. So, our server IP has been changed. If you are using your own nameserver or Cloudflare from your own account, then you need to update the IP to make sure that your website keeps running. If you are using Cloudflare from our website ...

14th Jan 2022

cPanel Account Upgradation to minimum 5GB Plan

Hi, You know that cPanel has raised the price several times in the last few years and again this month this year. In keeping with them, we have made new plans and fixed the prices. But we have not increased the price for those of you who are old clients. But this time we have to take a step that is the current minimum plan for those who are using ...

21st Sept 2021

CWP Pro Hosting Server Changes

Dear CWP Pro Hosting Clients, We are pleased to announce that we have a new server last night that is of much better quality than before and has already migrated. All of you have been told in the email what needs to be changed in DNS. The old server testing purpose has been turned off, so visit your own site to see if it's okay. If it is OK, there ...

27th Jan 2021

PHP 8 Available on Our Servers

We’re happy to announce that we have deployed the latest release candidate version of PHP 8 on all our shared hosting servers. We always to provide the new PHP on our hosting platform. PHP 8 is expected to facilitate developers to write cleaner code with better quality that gets executed faster. To order our shared hosting visit below ...